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Fanalytical Solutions knows how hard it can be to leverage collected data and realize it as returned revenue. In order to achieve this goal, Fanalytical Solutions provides both aggregate analysis as well as resources for implementing the recommendations. From start to finish, we provide a user-friendly approach to integrating the benefits of data analysis into any team’s front office. Our solution streamlines logistics, maximizes profits and attendance, and ensures that a team is well-equipped to captivate the fans of tomorrow.

Our Company

Fanalytical Solutions offers unparalleled capabilities to bring aggregate data analysis to your sports franchise while providing the tools you need to continue to make your data work for you throughout the season. Our state-of-the-art data science techniques allow us to make recommendations that increase attendance and revenue, improve conversion, and retain your existing customers.

Our services are divided into two major components. First, we provide big picture analysis that gives broad stroke recommendations for season long success. This consulting service focuses on how the entire process of running your sports franchise can be improved to bolster profit while concurrently cutting costs throughout the entire season.

Second, our software-as-a-service package gives sports franchises the ideal process to plan out and achieve short term goals during the season. We provide clients with a software package that provides day-to-day logistics management suggestions, including scheduling employee hours, projecting concession sales, and predicting attendance figures. Our software will continue to provide added-value benefits to your sports franchise while also being easy to use.

The multifaceted and aggregate nature of Fanalytical Solution’s services make it the ideal platform for any franchise looking to reach its full potential.


Brian O’Sullivan is a student at Columbia University in the City of New York studying Mathematics-Statistics and Sociology. Building upon his lifelong passion for data, Brian has held positions related to data research and analysis at the MIT Center for Transportation as well as for teams within Minor League Baseball and the Futures Collegiate Baseball League. He enjoys exploring the intersection of business and sport and seeing how data can be a catalyst for growth in this area. Brian also enjoys improv comedy, vanilla ice cream, traveling, and listening to podcasts.


Brunston Poon studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He sees great potential in unlocking the predictive power of data. Brunston has worked in software engineering and data analytics at SpaceX, Boeing, the UC Berkeley Institute for Data Science, and the University of Hawaii. He enjoys hiking, reading, and playing the piano in his spare time.

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